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A Day with Granny Nelly

What can be more exciting than spending a day with Granny, who always gets into funny trouble?


A heartfelt and humorous bedtime story about an unbreakable bond between a GRANDMOTHER and her GRANDSON.

Illustrator: Masha Pavlovic

The Golden Bowl

The story is a touching dialogue between a mother and her son.
Maybe . . . just maybe . . . death is not the end?

This story was written after the author’s second brain tumour surgery, when deteriorated health evoked thoughts about death. Being a loving mother, the author would not tolerate the thought of being separated from her two-year-old boy by her illness, so she created a Golden Bowl.

Through this book, little ones who are grieving will learn that someone who passes away doesn’t have to be gone, because death can be transformed through us – those who keep living.

Illustrator: Oksana Kindzer

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Snouty in Paris, Latvian edition

'Snouty in Paris' in an educational manner tells the story of Snouty’s adventures in Paris – the capital of France, encouraging children to explore other countries and cultures.

This debut was written by the author during the recovery after a second brain tumor surgery, despite acquiring visual deficits (double vision and nystagmus) that made reading and writing a letter puzzle.

Royalties from each book sold being donated to support brain tumor patients

Illustrator: Elizabete Šakare


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