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May, 2021

In May, Brain Tumor Awareness Month, for the third time, we were looking for a dreamer with a diagnosis of "brain tumor" to direct the royalties of the children's book "Snouty in Paris" and create some joy.

Toms is a wonderful boy who on June 28, 2021, celebrated his 11th birthday. We decided to send Toms a Birthday surprise package with delicious (but not only)&  memorable greetings from the Netherlands.

Toms writes:

"Hello! My name is Toms and I live in Riga. All my troubles started completely by accident and unexpectedly. After Christmas and the New Year, I started to experience a headache. My parents thought I spent too much time at the computer and denied the entertainment, but the situation did not improve. 

Reading books I started to experience double vision. My mother took me to a neurologist, but the neurologist did not see any problems. I was forwarded to an ophthalmologist and for a vascular examination. My parents, unable to watch me suffering from daily headaches, decided not to wait, but to go and have me checked at Children's Clinical University Hospital. Thus, on January 15, 2021, my long journey to recovery began. I underwent brain surgery and was diagnosed with classical medulloblastoma area of 4th ventricle, group 3/4, grade 3. I am currently going through the 8th chemotherapy course, which will be followed by radiation and maintenance chemo. May I have great patience and endurance! Right now, my main goal is to recover. I completed the 4th-grade studies in the spring and I understand that next year I will start my studies remotely because I will continue my treatment. In addition, I study at a music school, where I learn to play percussion instruments, as it will with drumming in the fall - I don't know yet. I have also sung in the "Knīpas un knauķi" ensemble, but as far as the times overlapped, I had to give up one of my hobbies. In my free time, I am slowly setting up my youtube account, playing Fortnite, and enjoying Lego.

My youtube account is:


My dream is to go on a trip with my family, riding and staying in a camper, because when we traveled like this (we were already in Tromso beyond the Arctic Circle) I enjoyed it.

Thanks to Snouty for the surprise!

P.S. I like sweets very, very much! "


Expressing gratitude to Toms for sharing his experience, strength, and hope! We wish Toms courage and strength facing all his life challenges and we truly believe that trip with his family, riding and staying in a camper, will become a reality very soon!

Z. Maurina: Everything impossible becomes possible if you believe it!

Snouty: There are no impossible things, there are only infidel minds! May faith unlock all the doors to small and big dreams!

Many thanks to Granny Nelly for organizing the surprise package delivery.


October, 2020


On October 25th these royalties were donated to fantastic Roberts Aserins who is dreaming about visiting California and parachute jump.

Roberts had a major brain tumor (stage 4) surgery in 2016. Even though the road has not been easy for him, Roberts is inspiring young people all over Latvia to be bright, kind and help others when possible. As a matter of fact, Roberts donated his first salary to Children’s hospital fund.

Expressing his gratitude to Snouty, Roberts bought several books “Snouty in Paris” and donated those to Children’s Hospitals Library (photo below) with a personal entry in each book:


Pray, then you will be given!

Seek, then you will find!

Knock, then it will be opened for you!


May, 2020

Royalties of 165 sold books directed to fulfill Jurgis dream:

Hello! My name is Jurgis and I am 5 years old. I am a very active and cheerful boy who can smile even in difficult times. Before my brain tumor was diagnosed, I was climbing trees and riding a bike. When in the house, my favorite activities were and are playing with car models, making tracks and building houses from Lego blocks. Just the blocks are always too little to realize my ideas.

After the major brain surgery, I couldn't walk and talk for a month and a half, but it is much better now! Now I can walk and talk all by myself, but nothing comes as easy as before! My favorite activities still - playing with Lego blocks and car models. I have two small dreams and I can't decide what I would like more! I would like to have a Lego house like the ones in the ads or some cool car track! The biggest dream, of course, is to be able to run and ride my bike as before and that I could be healthy.”

Jurgis has been diagnosed with a tumour of the posterior fossa - medulloblastoma. On February 24, 2020, a 7-hour surgery was performed and most of the tumour was removed, after which Jurgis was unable to speak and move for a month and a half. After starting the rehabilitation course, with physiotherapy, the strength returned. Chemotherapy was started. Currently, Jurgis has completed the first course of chemotherapy, after which the tumour has shrunk. A second course of chemotherapy has been started and will be followed by radiation therapy. Despite the illness, Jurgis is already running and swimming in the pool, being very cheerful.

Photo: Jurgis with his dreams - Lego and a car track:

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